10 reasons to see a flamenco show in Barcelona

10 razones para ver un espectáculo flamenco en Barcelona 00 | Palau Dalmases Espai Barroc

10 reasons to see a flamenco show in Barcelona

A flamenco show should be a stop in every visit to Barcelona, to enjoy the city and have a great time. Today we want to tell you 10 reasons to see a flamenco show in Barcelona.

  1. A chance to know more about Spanish culture in Barcelona

The flamenco genre has its origins in the 18th century in Andalusia (Spain) from the interculturality of the area: Arabic, Jewish and Gypsy. Since then it has spread throughout Spain becoming one of the characteristic elements of Spanish culture.

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  1. Barcelona is one of flamenco’s capital cities

Barcelona is, along with Andalusia and Madrid, one of the regions that bet more on flamenco. Some historians consider the Ciudad Condal as the origin of flamenco guitar used in flamenco shows.

  1. Barcelona’s passion for flamenco

In addition to having tablaos like Palau Dalmases in Barcelona, you can breathe flamenco in the city. Schools, activities and events like The Cajón festival remind us that flamenco passion lives in Barcelona.

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  1. Flamenco is Unesco’s World Heritage

In 2010, flamenco was declared an Intangible World Heritage by Unesco. One more reason to enjoy a flamenco show in Barcelona.

  1. Barcelona hosts the most acclaimed flamenco artists

Barcelona is and has been the birthplace of flamenco best artists. In addition, its appeal as a big city has also attracted artists from all over the country who offer an unparalleled artistic spectacle.

  1. Flamenco expresses lots of emotions

Flamenco is an art able to transmit all kinds of sensations. The movement of the body, the heels and the music of their guitars and chords is captivating.

  1. Flamenco fashion in Barcelona

Flamenco fashion blends vibrant colors and flounces that will make you feel even more flamenco passion in every movement.

  1. Barcelona’s best tablao

Palau Dalmases is a place to visit while in Barcelona. Our tablao flamenco fits in a baroque palace with more than 7 centuries of history. Prepare yourself to experience the best show in the best location.

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  1. Many daily flamenco shows in Barcelona

At Palau Dalmases you can enjoy the show in the variety of daily passes that are offered every day, at 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm. You can enjoy other activities in Barcelona during the day and then come to enjoy a flamenco show along with a drink of your choice.

  1. Flamenco will make you feel better

Listening to a flamenco show will make you feel better with yourself in a healthy way. To listen and follow the music and dance helps to develop your hearing and improve your body’s coordination. And maybe we inspire you to start dancing flamenco for yourself!