Flamenco shows at Palau Dalmases, not to miss!

If you have already attended a few flamenco shows, you know this art very well or if it is the first time that you treat yourself with flamenco dancing, singing and playing show, you will not remain the same after spending an hour of your time in our show at Palau Dalmases.

Not only the cosy and intimate wooden and stone stage will touch your hidden emotions, but mainly our flamenco artists who create and perform on those spaces. These are the ones you will remember, apart from your very positive emotions generated by our flamenco show. Our artists are the ones, with their experience and talent, whom transform the already beautiful Palau Dalmases in tangible art, in endless time, in amazing experiences that you will be willing to remember and even recommend.

Female and male flamenco dancers perform each day with passion on our stage; percussionists and guitarists follow the steps of great masters but creating their own path. And singers that put their souls in their voices to get to touch each person who enjoys flamenco as much as we do. But do not be mistaken; there is no need to study flamenco before our show, our artists will lead you into its knowledge, through emotions.

Our flamenco show in Barcelona lasts one hour and you will not believe how fast that comes when being amazed by clapping, singing, heels stepping and instrument playing. You are more than welcome to taste the drink of your preference, to enhance the moment even more. Let the magic of flamenco wrap your senses, the rhythm of flamenco take your body and your eyes be amazed by what they get to see. Let Palau Dalmases tell you its story and flamenco art enter your mind. Let us be part of your experience with flamenco in Barcelona, for life!

Visit Palau Dalmases in Barcelona: charm, art and passion for you senses!

Palau Dalmases - Palau's staircase 01

Barcelona is a great city with lots of things to visit; which will need more than one fortnight to be discovered. Even if you live in town, it is a very interesting option to rediscover it every once in a while, by walking its streets located in iconic neighbourhoods like El Borne. Let yourself be amazed by buildings, shops or details that you have never spotted before.

Some of your findings will impact your senses and leave a mark for life, like our Palau Dalmases. With baroque touches in its walls and decoration, this palace is a piece of art on Montcada Street. It was the meeting place for the “Academia de los Desconfiados” In the 17th Century and for “Academia de las Buenas Letras” later on. Here were held language, thinking and art sessions, in a place surrounded by other palaces and wealthy and influent families houses.

Entering by the Palau´s door means leaving city noises behind and getting into an unique space. You will find antiques, art pieces and music. Which kind of music and shows could you find at Palau Dalmases? From Mondays to Sundays, flamenco sessions are available, with the best dancing, playing and singing artists. Very positive emotions will take control of your mind and body, guaranteed.

Every Wednesday night, find your Jazz time in a very cosy and intimate environment. On Thursdays, you can be part of Opera moments, which will transport you beyond present time.

What if you what Palau Dalmases be the place for holding a special private, personal or business event? Imagine having your wedding celebration in a 17th Century Palace; a special day to remember even more.

What else is there for us to say? We encourage you to visit us, enter through the door, feel Palau Dalmases and share our music, art and your time with us. It is well worth it!