Opera shows, every Thursday at 11pm at Palau Dalmases

Opera at Palau Dalmases - Petita Companyia Lírica de Barcelona

The Petita Companyia Lírica de Barcelona interprets arias and opera set by MozartDonizettiVerdi or Tchaikowsky, with the staging of the action between the audience and a brief previous presentation, to situate everyone in the story.

Under direction of pianist Elke Sanjosé, these great artists sing from the stage but also wandering around the public, who feel part of the show.
The Petita Companya has a long history in Opera and is formed by a great group of tenors, baritones, sopranos and mezzosopranos. The company usually plays at Palau Maricel and Romantic Museum of Sitges, but Thursdays nights are exclusive for an unforgettable date with Opera at Palau Dalmases.

These are the artists that form Petita Companya Lírica de Barcelona

Elke Sanjosé: piano

Lucas Groppo, baritone

Jorge Tello, baritone

Soledad Cardoso, soprano

Charo Picazo, soprano

María Casado, soprano

Ximena Agurto, soprano

Mariel Aguilar, mezzosoprano

Amalia Medina, mezzosoprano

Facundo Muñoz, tenor


Join us, every Thursday night, 11pm at Palau Dalmases for a great Opera experience!