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Born in Barcelona on September 26, 1979, Fran León started studying flamenco with the cajón and the flute as instruments, studying with teachers like La Chana or Mónica Fernández. He expanded his general knowledge of flamenco, taking it as his main music with knowledge on classical and jazz.

He began to study transverse flute and modern harmony with Ernesto Briseño and Domingo Patricio. As a flutist he has a great experience in dance shows working in different shows for more than 6 years already, composing part of the music and as a musician in Grupo Babel, María de la O, Art and flamenco, etc. In addition, he has collaborated with a large number of artists from the Catalan flamenco scene.

The best flamenco musicians in Barcelona

Fran León has worked for several producers, venues and tablaos such as Festival Nou Barris Barcelona, 30 nit de Sabadell, Apolo theater, Principal Theater, Palau de la Música Catalana (Maria de la O) and Sonata. Also in Tarantos, Luz de Gas, Salamandra, La Pinta, Tablao las Arenas … and we can now enjoy his art in Palau Dalmases.

An international flamenco musician

Fran is an international flamenco musician who has worked in different countries such as France, Belgium, Italy, India, etc. He has been playing flamenco music for more than 3 years in the Palau de la Música Catalana.

In the year 2016 he obtained, with Babel, the recognition by being a finalist in the first international flamenco show for promotion of flamenco of the SGAE (FlamencoÑ) with the album Babel Camino to Itaca, along with artists such as: Dorantes, Josemi Carmona, Riqueni, Esperanza Fernández and Antonio Reyes.

His most personal work as a composer and musician is on the album Babel Camino to Itaca along with Rafael Fernández and the record company Infinito Records.


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