Our artists: flamenco cantaor Jorge Mesa Valle “El Pirata”

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Cantaor flamenco in Barcelona

Cantaor born in Jerez and raised in Barcelona with 15 years of profession on his back. During these last 15 years in the world of flamenco, he has performed as a singer / flamenco cantaor in all tablaos in Barcelona: El Cordobes, Tarantos, Tablao de Carmen Amaya, El Palacio del flamenco, as well as some tablaos in Madrid and Sevilla.

He has worked with great artists of the national scene as: Rafaela Carrasco, Maria Carmona, Paniagua, Manuela Carrasco, Juan Carlos Lérida, Pilar and Juan Ogalla, Amador Rojas, La Talegona, Pedro Córdoba, Karime Amaya, Antonio Canales etc. Now you can enjoy his voice and his art in Palau Dalmases – Espai Barroc.

Cante flamenco in Barcelona

He has performed recitals of cante in different festivals such as: Ciutat Vella, festival De cajón, festival and has been featured in albums from the last and most important La Tremandita, Flamenco les 30 nits de Sabadell, Antonio Mairena international festival of flamenco, etc.

Different flamenco shows around the world

He has also performed different types of flamenco related projects, with the company of Juan Carlos Lerida (contemporary flamenco), the company Muleros (work of “Carmen” theater, Spanish classic and flamenco) Teatro Poliorama and Palau de la Musica with Opera Flamenco, fusion, Palau Sant Jordi with afroflamenco fusion, etc.

These companies have led him to perform in large halls and theaters from all over the world, from Germany, Belgium, Vienna, Poland, France, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia to Russia and many more international cities.

He is currently involved in several flamenco projects, alternating with tablaos and professor of the Catalan Music School (ESMUC).

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Our artists: flamenco singer Miriam Vallejo

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Flamenco singer in Barcelona

Today we want to talk to you about one of the artists that surprise us every night at the flamenco shows in Palau Dalmases. She is Miriam Vallejo, singer, or cantaora, with a long experience in the world of flamenco.

Miriam Vallejo, flamenco singer

Miriam Vallejo began her formation as bailaora with nine years old and until 2001 Rafael de Carmen and Javier Latorre realizes several flamenco seminars with dancers as Eva “La Yerbabuena”, Matilde Coral, Antonio “El Pipa”, Belén Maya, Rafael de Carmen and Javier Latorre.

Parallelly she initiates her career as flamenco singer being employed at the “tablaos” Los Tarantos, El Cordobés and El tablao de Carmen. In 2001 it decides to give a draft to his artistic career and to devote exclusively to sing.

Official flamenco singer of the ‘Carmen Amaya’ show

She was the flamenco singer of the spectacle “Torero” by Juan de Juan, choreographed by Antonio Canales in the Theatre Apollo of Barcelona; she acted in the Forum of the Cultures 2004 with “Fiesta Gitana” and was the official flamenco singer of the spectacle “Carmen Amaya”, directed by Eva Santiago.

She has acted in several Flamenco festivals sharing cartel with Carmen Linares, Paco Cortés, Antonio “El Pipa”, Chano Lobato, Juan “habichuela”, Manuela Carrasco, Tomatito, Remedios Amaya, Juana Amaya, “El Funi”, Antonio Jero, Martin Chico, Manuel de Palma, “El Andorrano”, Lola y Esperanza León, between others.

She has worked in the last two editions of Begur Music Festival and the Festival Carmen Amaya and in Homage to Diego Pantoja. He has also worked as a backup singer on the album ” My way of living ” Duquende and the album ” Techarí ” Ojos de Brujo.

Discover the art of Miriam Vallejo at Palau Dalmases

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