Palau Dalmases wins the 2017’ Experts’ Choice Award

Experts' Choice Awards 2017 | Palau Dalmases

Recognition of the best flamenco show in Barcelona

In Palau Dalmases we are moved by our passion for flamenco. We are one of the most recognized flamenco shows in Barcelona and we enjoy listening to everyone who come to know us.

The great reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google encourage us to continue working for a true, natural flamenco show that treats its visitors as friends. An incredible show in which music, singing and dancing are the main characters.

Good reviews from the best travel pages around the world

Today we’re happy to tell you that TripExpert has awarded us with the 2017 Experts’ Choice Award. A recognition based on reviews and opinions from professionals, travel guides, magazines and newspapers, considering us one of the best places to be in Barcelona.

TripExpert gathers these media critiques and thus complements pages with user reviews to get a complete view of what it means to visit Palau Dalmases. Most reviews value the talent of our artists, the closeness of the place, the incredible setting (a baroque palace) as well as the fact that we treat our visitors as friends.

Discover Palau Dalmases and the magic of flamenco in Barcelona

In Palau Dalmases you will find true flamenco art in Barcelona. Our cast of artists (singers, dancers and musicians) give everything up on the stage every day. We offer daily passes all week at 18, 19:30 and 21:30. Choose the time that suits you best and come to share with us a flamenco show that you will not forget.