What to do in summer in Barcelona if you like music

Flamenco en verano en Barcelona

4 musical ideas to do this summer in Barcelona

Are you going to spend a few days in Barcelona these next months? I’m sure you’ve already done a long list of the best things to do during summer Barcelona on your stay and which emblematic places to visit. Walking along the Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya, going to the Barceloneta, visiting Gaudí’s buildings… All these activities are a must on your route through Barcelona, but if you are looking for alternative and musical ideas, you will surely love the following recommendations.

1) Going to a flamenco show in Barcelona this summer: the TOP plan

Since when is flamenco something typical in Barcelona? Doesn”t it come from Andalusia? Although flamenco dance and music originated in the south of Spain, Barcelona has a centuries-old tradition of flamenco art, probably as a result of the constant migration of Andalusians and the fact that it is a port city open to different cultures. Barcelona even became one of the most important cities of this genre, along with Seville and Madrid, and was the birthplace of great flamenco artists. For more flamenco facts, check out this article.

So it’s no wonder to find flamenco shows in Barcelona, like the one offered every day at Palau Dalmases. How is Palau Dalmases’ show any different from other flamenco shows? It is nothing more and nothing less than an authentic 17th century baroque palace. Not only will you be enjoying a show with top-notch artists, but you’ll also find yourself in a historic building in the city.

  • Ticket price: 25€ (1 drink included)

2) Enjoy Barcelona’s open-air cinema this summer

Going to the cinema when you’re on a holiday can also be a good plan, especially if it’s the “Cinema a la fresca” (Open Air Cinema) that is set up every summer on Montjuïc Mountain. The atmosphere is unbeatable and you can enjoy the best films of the year outdoors at the foot of Montjuïc Castle. In addition, a different music band will be offering a concert before the screening of each film. Flamenco in the afternoon and a movie in the evening, a perfect plan!


Flamenco en Palau Dalmases

Open Air Cinema

3) Do you know the rest of the musical shows in Palau Dalmases?

If you like jazz and opera as well as flamenco, you’re in luck! Palau Dalmases offers free jazz sessions on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. and Opera Nights with the Petita Companyia Lírica de Barcelona every Thursday at 11 p.m. Admission is 25€ and includes one drink. Enjoy good music in a palace…. You’ll feel like royalty!

4) Fiestas de Gràcia: music and fun on summer nights in Barcelona

If you’re going to be in Barcelona in August, you can’t miss the opportunity to see the Fiestas de Gràcia, one of the most endearing and original traditions of the city. Every year, the different streets of the Gràcia district compete to be the most original street decoration. An intense week full of incredible decorations, workshops for the whole family, and music! You will be able to find several free concerts throughout the week of all styles.

Live music in Barcelona in summer

Now you know what to do in the summer in Barcelona if you are a music lover. Enjoy the best flamenco, jazz and opera artists while discovering the wonders of this city, we are waiting for you!