Holding your event in Barcelona at Palau Dalmases

Holding your event in Barcelona at Palau Dalmases

Palau Dalmases helps you to organize your event in Barcelona

Palau Dalmases is not only a “tablao” for flamenco shows, it is also the perfect venue for events. If you are looking for an exclusive place, with all the charm and services to hold your event, Palau Dalmases is the events venue in Barcelona that you are looking for.

Why holding your event in Barcelona at Palau Dalmases is a perfect choice?

Because it is an authentic baroque palace

Do you want to have an event that is different, intimate and will surprise everyone? Do it in a baroque palace! Palau Dalmases is a historic palace, with fantastic architecture and differentiated spaces. You can hold your event in the interior hall or place your catering service in the courtyard of the palace outside.

We offer performances by top musicians and artists

Thanks to our experience with musicians of all genres, especially flamenco, opera and jazz, at Palau Dalmases we have an extensive portfolio of artists to make your event even more special. We organize from a private flamenco pass for the occasion or entertain your event with a pianist.

A unique venue in the centre of Barcelona

Palau Dalmases is located in Barcelona city centre (Calle Montcada,20), in the Born district. The locationb is perfect thanks to the good combination of public transport and it is not necessary to go there by car.

As you can see, Palau Dalmases is a versatile venue where you can hold all kinds of events, from weddings to influencer’ events.

The best influencer events in Barcelona at Palau Dalmases

Influencer Event #DestinationGUESS in Palau Dalmases by Guess

Are you an  agency organizing an Influencer event in Barcelona? At Palau Dalmases we make sure that your event causes a sensation on Social Media. Our palace is the perfect venue: a courtyard with an impressive staircase, a stage, baroque decoration… What more could you ask for?

You can use both spaces for different activities: the outside for a brunch or dinner and the inside for presentations on our stage.

At Palau Dalmases we don’t just offer you the place. We also help you organize an unforgettable influencer event. We can include a private flamenco class for your influencers with our flamenco dancers.

If you think that our palace is the ideal venue for your influencer event, contact us and we will help you create an unforgettable experience.


A dream wedding at a palace in Barcelona? Get married in Palau Dalmases!

 Palaces in Barcelona for weddings I Palau Dalmases

Many couples seek to marry in castles and palaces in Barcelona. Normally these are located on the outskirts of the city, but, as we have mentioned, at Palau Dalmases you’ll celebrate  your wedding at a palace in the city centre. You can hold the ceremony and catering in the courtyard and then have the party t in the inside.

Consult with us the schedules and prices to rent our palace for your wedding.

Hold your corporate event in Palau Dalmases

Eventos corporativos y Team Building en Barcelona I Palau Dalamases

Palau Dalmases is also a perfect venue for corporate events, especially if your guests don’t know the Barcelona. You can arrange a lunch in the courtyard with a catering service and then take your guests to see one of our flamenco shows.

It’s a perfect plan to impress your team and show them some of Barcelona’s culture. You can even take a flamenco class with our dancers as a team building activity.

Contact us and organize your tailor-made event in Palau Dalmases!