Flamenco artists at Palau Dalmases: Percussionist Lucas Balbo

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All about Palau Dalmases’ Flamenco box drummer: Lucas Balbo

We have already introduced you to our dancers, one of our guitarists on our flamenco blog and today it’s time for you to meet the flamenco percussionist of Palau Dalmases who sets the rhythm very well on stage and who always has a smile for to the audience while he plays the “cajón flamenco”: Renzo Lucas Balbo. If you haven’t seen him live yet, we recommend  you get your ticket for the Palau Dalmases flamenco show in Barcelona.

But before that, what is the cajón flamenco?

Many visitors to Palau Dalmases are surprised to see this instrument. The “cajón flamenco” (or flamenco box drum) is a musical instrument of Peruvian origin. The well-known flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía incorporated it into flamenco in 1977 when he heard it on one of his tours in Latin America. Its sober sound fitted perfectly and helped him to set the rhythm. Since then, the cajón has been a key instrument in flamenco shows in Barcelona and the rest of Spain.

Do you want to know more? Check our whole article about the history of cajón flamenco

Lucas Balbo: Flamenco percussionist in Barcelona

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1988, he began his path in percussion first as a self-taught musician and then through knowledge, advice and experiences with cajón flamenco  masters like Israle Suarez (Piraña), Lucky Lozada, Isaac Vigueras, and Sergio Martínez. He also learnt Afro-Peruvian percussion with Huber Reyes (Peru), Afro-Cuban with Julio Morales (Argentina) and Afro with Cheik Gueye (Guinea).

Already in his professional career he had the honour of working with leading flamenco figures such as La Farruca, Eva Yerbabuena, Marco Flores, Karime Amaya, Pol Vaquero, Familia Morente, Grupo Babel, José Manuel Alvarez, Costi el Chato, Montse Cortes, Piraña, among others.

The Origin of the flamenco drum box I Palau Dalmases I Flamenco show in Barcelona

Trajectory of Lucas Balbo in Spain and Europe as a flamenco percussionist

Not only was he able to grow professionally in Spain, but he was also able to show his art at festivals such as Flamenco Festival Esch (Luxembourg), and in prestigious venues such as Théâtre de la Ville, Peña Copas y Compás (France), MNAC, Auditorio SGAE, Teatre principal de Barcelona, Flamenco Ramblas, Palau Dalmases, among others.

Finally, as a teacher, he gave workshops in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Burdeaux (France), “Paca García” School and “Teo Barea” Dance and School V. Longobardi (Italy).

Since he is part of the flamenco crew of Palau Dalmases, he brings his sympathy and energy on to all the artists and that makes him a verly loved member both onv stage and off.

When Lucas plays the cajón he transmits its strength, rhythm and energy that will make you want to stand up and applaud him at the end. If you haven’t seen him in action yet, we invite you to come and see him at a flaming performance at the Palau Dalmases! You also can follow him on Instagram.



5 Reasons to enjoy flamenco in Barcelona for Christmas

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Why gifting tickets for flamenco in Barcelona is a great idea

Christmas is just around the corner and in Palau Dalmases dancing and flamenco singing do not stop. We continue to offer daily flamenco shows at our tablao in Barcelona from Monday to Thursday at 19:30h and from Friday to Sunday at 19:30h and 21:30h. Check our December schedule, for it may vary depending on the week.


If you still have to buy last-minute gifts or want to do something unique during these special holidays, you can gift tickets to see a flamenco show in Barcelona.


5 Reasons to give tickets as a present for our flamenco show in Barcelona

1. You are gifting a quality flamenco show in Barcelona

All the flamenco artists of Palau Dalmases have a waste experience in tablaos in Spain and Europe. They are great professionals, including flamenco teachers such as dancer  José Manuel Álvarez.

2. It is one of the most highly rated flamenco shows in Barcelona

Hundreds of reviews on TripAdvisor and other prestigious travel portals have made Palau Dalmases’ flamenco show one of the very best. It ranks currently sixteenth of things to do in Barcelona on Tripadvisor, in addition to having obtained its Certificate of Excellence. Palau Dalmases also won the 2018 Experts Choice Awards from TripExpert.

3. A ticket to Palau Dalmases flamenco show includes a drink of your choice

Not only will you be giving a ticket to see flamenco, but you will also be able to enjoy a delicious typical drink of the region, such as Sangría or Cava. Or if you prefer, you can accompany the good music with a wine. Unbeatable!


flamenco in Barcelona


4. Palau Dalmases is the perfect setting for a romantic date

As we have already mentioned, giving a ticket for the Palau Dalmases flamenco show is a fantastic idea for a romantic date, whether on Valentine’s Day or on Christmas. During these family days you feel like doing charming activities with your loved ones, and what better than taking that special person to a real baroque castle in the historic centre of Barcelona. The architecture is exquisite and the venue is intimate and very romantic.

5. You can also celebrate New Year’s Eve in Palau Dalmases!

Say goodbye to 2018 and have a blast at our tablao flamenco. If, in addition to looking for an original Christmas present, you are looking for a special activity to celebrate New Year’s Eve, don’t hesitate! The last flamenco show of the year will take place at 19:30h. You can enjoy our show and then go to your New Year’s Eve dinner – a perfect plan!