Our artists: José Santiago “El Chote”- Flamenco guitarist

guitarrista flamenco en Palau Dalmases

El Chote:  Flamenco Guitarist at Palau Dalmases

Up to 5 or even 7 flamenco artists perform in our daily flamenco shows at Palau Dalmases. A guitarist, a female or male singer, a percussionist playing the “cajón” and finally, one to three female or male dancers.

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Meet Palau Dalmases’ flamenco guitarist: José Santiago “El Chote”.

The guitarist, key artist in relation with the “tempo” of the show, is not visually the most attracting piece of it, but is in fact the spine of the artistic performance. He has to get along musically speaking, with the dancers, adapt to their movements, as well as with the voice and way of expressing each of the singers have.

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This is why we would like to introduce to you one of our guitarists: José Santiago “El Chote”. Since he was a little boy he listened flamenco music in family meetings. But it was not before he turned 16 years old when his passion for guitar lead him in to the study of the instrument by himself. Three years later he started studying at “El Liceu” – Music School, when he was taught by Manuel Granados for two years. He continued studying later on with other teachers Juan Ramón Caro, David David Cerrezuela, Diego del Morao, Chicuelo, etc.


Professional career of guitarist José Santiago “El Chote”.

On a professional level, he has worked in different “tablaos” and flamenco places in Barcelona like Tablao de Carmen Amaya, Los Tarantos, Palau Dalmases, amongst others. He has participated in different flamenco festivals of Catalunya such as: Festival de Nou Barris, Infusió Flamenca, 30 nits de Sabadell etc… . Because of this he performed in the same stage with great artists like Luis el Zambo, Fernando Moreno, Diego del Morao, Marina Heredia, Capullo de Jerez, Parrita, Juan Ramón Caro and others.

He has also worked in other places apart from Barcelona, different flamenco dance companies as: La compañía de María Rovira in Carmen Amaya´s show, La compañía de Bajari Flamenca with Costi el Chato, with Parrita, touring Spain when presenting his new disc.

Listen to the best flamenco guitarists in Palau Dalmases live

We are proud to have José Santiago “El Chote” and his guitar and talent on Palau Dalmases stage. If you have not still had the pleasure to listen to him, come to see one of our daily flamenco shows for enjoying his art!