Every Sunday of March: come and see TANGO at Palau Dalmases!

Tango en Palau Dalmases

Tango, the sad thought that you dance (as Enrique Santos Discépolo said), that enchanting dance, music and singing originary from the Rio de la Plata, will be part of Palau Dalmases offer for you to enjoy Barcelona even more, every Sunday of March.


Our baroque palace, house for art and culture in the Barcelona of 17th Century, adds another option for you to enjoy. Tango will be then sum up to the already existent flamenco, opera and jazz shows. Remember, every Sunday at 12hs., before lunch!

Tango is a musical genre and a dance that has won many hearts and followers worldwide, since it appeared at the end of 19th Century in the outskirts of Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). It has surpassed the Rio de la Plata area, where Gabriel Vallone is from. Vallone, son of a tango dancer, living in Barcelona since 2005, has already created two CDs  and has great experience singing in different musical venues in Barcelona. He also teaches amateur singing

Introducing singer Gabriel Vallone , piano player Alejandro Di Constanzo and invited dancers, we are pleased to welcome you from Palau Dalmases, every Sunday of March, at 12hs. to be part of our new entertaining proposal directly from South America, for you to enjoy Barcelona even more.

Every Sunday of March, starting 5-03, do not miss an unique Tango show!

Our artists: Verónica Pérez. Flamenco dancer

Verónica Perez - flamenco dancer - Palau Dalmases

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about flamenco?

Flamenco dancing is one of the most recognized elements of the art of flamenco, because it is visually attractive and very passionate and energetic. Although is usually accompanied by singing and instrument playing (guitar and “cajón”), female dancers with their frilly dresses and male dancers with their dark trousers and heeled shoes are recognized globally.


This is why we want to introduce you to one of our dancers, Verónica Pérez. She is one of the the flamenco dancers who puts magic on stage when she dances, since she was only a little girl.

Verónica Pérez was born in Barcelona; she comes from a family of great and renowned artists like La Fernanda and La Bernarda de Utrera and this is why she started dancing when she was only 6 years old. She studied with teachers as Paco Carmona, Tamara Carmona, Mónica Fernández, La Chana, Javier de la Torre, La Tani and el Toleo.

When she was 15 years old she begun dancing at Barcelona tablaos as Las Cuevas (Luis Candela ) and Tablao de Carmen Amaya. As a professional dancer she has worked in tablaos and theatres as El Patio Andaluz, La Pinta, Los Tarantos, el Tablao de Carmen Amaya, Las Arenas, Casa Camarón, Teatro Principal, Flamenco Ramblas, Palacio de Congresos y Palau Dalmases.

She has also danced with great artists like Pol Vaquero, Mónica Fernández, Antonio Canales, Nacho Blanco, José Carmona, Blas Córdoba, Antonio Reyes, La Tobala, Pedro Sierra, Sara Flores, El Zambullo, La Fabi, y El Piraña, amongst others. She also teaches at her school “La Flamenca”.


It is a great honor for us at Palau Dalmases to have Verónica Pérez as one of our dancers. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy her art!


Still have not visited Palau Dalmases? Get to know its artistic past and flamenco present

Tickets for flamenco shows in Barcelona - Palau Dalmases 01

The building which today is Palau Dalmases, home of one of the most special flamenco shows in Barcelona, is located in the neighbourhood of El Born, in Barcelona. The baroque palace was built in the 16th by rich merchants when this part of the city was the centre of Catalonia’s commercial Mediterranean empire. The gorgeous palace of baroque influence is a testimony of the artistic, politic, and cultural life of Catalunya.

In the 18th century, the palace became the Acadèmia de les Bones Lletres and was a centre for Barcelona’s intellectuals throughout the baroque period from which the interior dates.Currently, the Palau Dalmases – Espai Barroc offers visitors a unique space, isolated from the busy streets outside. Just crossing the courtyard, and seeing the impressive baroque stairways, one feels in a peaceful and classy ambient.

From Mondays to Sundays, visitors can enjoy an excellent Flamenco Show with great artists who represent the important tradition of Flamenco in Barcelona. “Cante” (singing), guitar, “bailaor” and “bailaora” (a couple of flamenco dancers), cajón, percussion… Atmosphere in the place is unique. The public sits very close to the stage where the artists perform. The power of flamenco, the strength of its performers, the beauty of the place; all together turns this into an unforgettable show.

The Espai Barroc is a unique enclave for enjoying not only flamenco shows, but Opera and Jazz nights as well, with a glass of nice and fresh cocktails, drinks, or juices made specially for you. We offer an unique and unforgettable experience. Join us and enjoy!

Two daily flamenco shows at Palau Dalmases. A great way to welcome 2017, full of flamenco singing, playing and dancing!

Palau Dalmases - Flamenco - Lorena Oliva - 2016-11

Have you heard that saying about the way you start your year will be the way you will pass the rest of it? Well, we do not know if this is true or not, but what we do know is that we are going to say farewell 2016 and welcome 2017 with all the flamenco strength, passion, talent and feeling, with two daily shows until 8th, January.

Are you still looking for plans for this weekend in Barcelona? Check our proposal for you: we invite you to our shows, the 31st, December, at 7:30pm or 9:30pm. You can have dinner in the city before or after the show, but we guarantee you we can make a very good flamenco impression on you, so to let you start your year with high energy and great passion. Keep in mind that you will be able to enjoy two daily shows, from Monday to Sunday at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, surrounded by a baroque architecture and decoration, unique from Palau Dalmases.

We would really love to join us for our very firsts flamenco shows of 2017 in an unique place! Buy your ticket now and treat yourself with an excellent evening in this very special time of the year http://tiny.cc/FlamencoticketsOrg

Visit Palau Dalmases in Barcelona: charm, art and passion for you senses!

Palau Dalmases - Palau's staircase 01

Barcelona is a great city with lots of things to visit; which will need more than one fortnight to be discovered. Even if you live in town, it is a very interesting option to rediscover it every once in a while, by walking its streets located in iconic neighbourhoods like El Borne. Let yourself be amazed by buildings, shops or details that you have never spotted before.

Some of your findings will impact your senses and leave a mark for life, like our Palau Dalmases. With baroque touches in its walls and decoration, this palace is a piece of art on Montcada Street. It was the meeting place for the “Academia de los Desconfiados” In the 17th Century and for “Academia de las Buenas Letras” later on. Here were held language, thinking and art sessions, in a place surrounded by other palaces and wealthy and influent families houses.

Entering by the Palau´s door means leaving city noises behind and getting into an unique space. You will find antiques, art pieces and music. Which kind of music and shows could you find at Palau Dalmases? From Mondays to Sundays, flamenco sessions are available, with the best dancing, playing and singing artists. Very positive emotions will take control of your mind and body, guaranteed.

Every Wednesday night, find your Jazz time in a very cosy and intimate environment. On Thursdays, you can be part of Opera moments, which will transport you beyond present time.

What if you what Palau Dalmases be the place for holding a special private, personal or business event? Imagine having your wedding celebration in a 17th Century Palace; a special day to remember even more.

What else is there for us to say? We encourage you to visit us, enter through the door, feel Palau Dalmases and share our music, art and your time with us. It is well worth it!