The best fan photos of our flamenco show in Barcelona

Flamenco in Barcelona photos I Palau Dalmases

Flamenco in Barcelona seen by visitors in Palau Dalmases

Flamenco in Barcelona awakens passions among our visitors: The frenetic rhythm of the dance steps, the passion reflected in the faces of our dancers and singers; the heartbreaking music that makes your hair stand on end…

If you haven’t experienced it yet and want to feel it live, don’t forget to buy your tickets for our flamenco show in Barcelona.


Palau Dalmases: A very photographic tablao flamenco in Barcelona

It is not surprising that those who visit our  tablao flamenco in Barcelona city center, want to immortalize the show through photographs and videos. Palau Dalmases is a beautiful baroque palace and an amazing stage foro photo lovers.

In Palau Dalmases is allowed to take photographs of our flamenco show, but always without flash to not to disturb our artists and the rest of the audience.

In recent months we have received wonderful images of professionals and  photography lovers after their experience at our flamenco show in Barcelona. We have collected them in this article. Thank you very much!

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Pictures of our flamenco show in Barcelona by Anashen Production

Anashen Navasartian, from the United States, stopped by Palau Dalmases and sent us these great images of our dancers.

Visit the AnashenProduction website.

Photo gallery of Palau Dalmases by Linda Marengo

Linda is a professional photographer and flamenco loverwho came to our flamenco show to take some photos for her personal projects. Here we can see a preview.

More photos on her website Linda


Flamenco in Barcelona photos by Levent Somuncu

Our follower on Facebook @leventsomuncu sent us these great pictures after his stay in Barcelona. Thank you!

 flamenco show photos by Juan Carlos González Sánchez

Juan Carlos was already a fan of our dancers and finally came to see them live in Palau Dalmases: the result, these great photos. See you next time!

Don’t miss the best flamenco photos in Barcelona

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On the other hand, if you’re a photographer and you’ve been to our show, send us your photos and we’ll be delighted to share them with our fans!


The flamenco show in Barcelona you don’t want to miss!

Why you won’t want to miss our flamenco show in Barcelona?

Even if you have already attended a few flamenco shows in Barcelona, you know this art very well, or if it is the first time that you treat yourself  to some flamenco dancing, singing and playing , you will not remain the same after spending an hour of your time in our show at Palau Dalmases.

Palau Dalmases: A charming tablao flamenco in Barcelona

As you well know, Palau Dalmases is located in the centre of Barcelona, specifically in the Borne district, next to the Picasso Museum (Calle Montcada, 20). This makes it an ideal setting to enjoy a night of flamenco in Barcelona. Furthermore, the tablao is located in an old baroque palace from the 17th century.

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You will find the best flamenco artists of Barcelona in Palau Dalmases

Not only the cosy and intimate wooden and stone stage will touch your soul, but also our incredible flamenco artists who perform every evening in our palace. These are the ones you will remember, apart from your very positive emotions generated by our flamenco show.

Our artists are the ones, with their experience and talent, who will transform the already beautiful Palau Dalmases into tangible art. It’s an amazing experience that will be impossible to forget!


Female and male flamenco dancers perform each day with passion on our stage, such as flamenco dancer José Manuel Álvarez and Candy Navarretepercussionists and flamenco guitarists with a vas experience in tablaos all over Spain and overseas. Our flamenco singers throw their souls into their voices to get to touch each person who enjoys flamenco as much as we do.

But do not worry; there is no need to study flamenco before our show, our artists will lead you into its knowledge, through emotions.

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Enjoy the flamenco show while having a drink

Our flamenco show in Barcelona is one hour long and you will not believe how time will fly when you are being amazed by clapping, singing, heels stepping and instruments playing. You are more than welcome to order a drink of your preference, so you enjoy the moment even more.

Our flamenco show ticket costs 25€ with a drink included. You can buy them on our website or reserve them by calling (+34) 933 10 06 73. You can choose between three different time schedules: at 18h, 19:30h and 21:30h.

Let the magic of flamenco wrap your senses, the rhythm of flamenco take your body and let your eyes be amazed by our show. Let Palau Dalmases tell you its story and flamenco art enter your mind.

Come to our Flamenco Show in Barcelona!

The very best flamenco dance videos in Barcelona

Flamenco shows in Barcelona I Palau Dalmases

TOP 3 Flamenco dancing videos according to Palau Dalmases fans

Throughout the year, in Palau Dalmases we have shared a long list of videos of flamenco shows in Barcelona on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). We publish photos and videos of the different flamenco shows in Palau Dalmases along with material sent to us by our fans. If you still don’t know the Palau Dalmases flamenco tablao and its artists, you can buy your ticket through our website and see it live.

If, on the other hand, you already know us, but you haven’t had time to watch all our flamenco videos in Barcelona on Youtube, don’t worry! Here we share the 3 most successful videos of our flamenco show among our followers.

1. Candy Navarrete dancing at the Palau Dalmases flamenco show

Candy Navarrete’s video has undoubtedly been the most acclaimed by our Facebook fans. One of the veteran flamenco dancers with more charisma rises in first position and is not surprising. Candy showcases talent over all the tablaos where she dances and Palau Dalmases is no exception. Seeing her live is an incredible experience and to have her among our cast is an honour!

2. Flamenco dancer José Manuel Álvarez in Palau Dalmases

Jose Manuel Álvarez, besides being an excellent dancer with experience in tablaos all over Spain and overseas, is also a teacher. He gives flamenco classes in Barcelona and masterclasses all over the world. He is also a regular on major stages in Barcelona, such as the Palau de la Música Catalana.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see him dance live!

3. Lucas Balbo and his flamenco box drum: on of the favourites amongst our fans

Lucas Balbo is a flamenco percussionist born in Buenos Aires. He is a regular artist in tablaos and concert halls in Barcelona and has won second place in the competition of the Festival de Cajón Flamenco de Barcelona. Since he is part of the Palau Dalmases flamenco show, he transmits his sympathy, strength, rhythm and energy to all his colleagues and also to the audience. If you haven’t seen him in action yet, we invite you to come and see him at a flamenco performance in our palace.

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Don’t miss any of our flamenco dance shows in Barcelona!

You can find all our videos published in the Youtube channel of Palau Dalmases. We recommend that you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to not miss anything and, obviously, if you want to enjoy the show live, get your ticket today!


Our artists: flamenco cantaor Jorge Mesa Valle “El Pirata”

Jorge Mesa "El Pirata" cantaor flamenco 00 | Palau Dalmases

Jorge Mesa: Cantaor flamenco in Barcelona

Cantaor born in Jerez and raised in Barcelona with 15 years of profession on his back. During these last 15 years in the world of flamenco, he has performed as a singer / flamenco cantaor in all tablaos in Barcelona: El Cordobes, Tarantos, Tablao de Carmen Amaya, El Palacio del flamenco, as well as some tablaos in Madrid and Sevilla.

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He has worked with great artists of the national scene as: Rafaela Carrasco, Maria Carmona, Paniagua, Manuela Carrasco, Juan Carlos Lérida, Pilar and Juan Ogalla, Amador Rojas, La Talegona, Pedro Córdoba, Karime Amaya, Antonio Canales etc. Now you can enjoy his voice and his art in Palau Dalmases – Espai Barroc.

Cante flamenco in Barcelona

He has performed recitals of cante in different festivals such as: Ciutat Vella, festival De cajón, festival and has been featured in albums from the last and most important La Tremandita, Flamenco les 30 nits de Sabadell, Antonio Mairena international festival of flamenco, etc.

Different flamenco shows around the world

He has also performed different types of flamenco related projects, with the company of Juan Carlos Lerida (contemporary flamenco), the company Muleros (work of “Carmen” theater, Spanish classic and flamenco) Teatro Poliorama and Palau de la Musica with Opera Flamenco, fusion, Palau Sant Jordi with afroflamenco fusion, etc.

These companies have led him to perform in large halls and theaters from all over the world, from Germany, Belgium, Vienna, Poland, France, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia to Russia and many more international cities.

He is currently involved in several flamenco projects, alternating with tablaos and professor of the Catalan Music School (ESMUC).

Come and see the best flamenco show in Barcelona

If you want to enjoy in depth the passion and art that Jorge Mesa puts in all his performances, do not hesitate to come and see us at Palau Dalmases. Book your ticket now and get your front row seat for the best flamenco show in Barcelona in the heart of the city, next to the Picasso Museum and in a magical and full of enchantment place.

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10 reasons to see a flamenco show in Barcelona

10 razones para ver un espectáculo flamenco en Barcelona 00 | Palau Dalmases Espai Barroc

10 reasons to see a flamenco show in Barcelona

A flamenco show should be a stop in every visit to Barcelona, to enjoy the city and have a great time. Today we want to tell you 10 reasons to see a flamenco show in Barcelona.

  1. A chance to know more about Spanish culture in Barcelona

The flamenco genre has its origins in the 18th century in Andalusia (Spain) from the interculturality of the area: Arabic, Jewish and Gypsy. Since then it has spread throughout Spain becoming one of the characteristic elements of Spanish culture.

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  1. Barcelona is one of flamenco’s capital cities

Barcelona is, along with Andalusia and Madrid, one of the regions that bet more on flamenco. Some historians consider the Ciudad Condal as the origin of flamenco guitar used in flamenco shows.

  1. Barcelona’s passion for flamenco

In addition to having tablaos like Palau Dalmases in Barcelona, you can breathe flamenco in the city. Schools, activities and events like The Cajón festival remind us that flamenco passion lives in Barcelona.

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  1. Flamenco is Unesco’s World Heritage

In 2010, flamenco was declared an Intangible World Heritage by Unesco. One more reason to enjoy a flamenco show in Barcelona.

  1. Barcelona hosts the most acclaimed flamenco artists

Barcelona is and has been the birthplace of flamenco best artists. In addition, its appeal as a big city has also attracted artists from all over the country who offer an unparalleled artistic spectacle.

  1. Flamenco expresses lots of emotions

Flamenco is an art able to transmit all kinds of sensations. The movement of the body, the heels and the music of their guitars and chords is captivating.

  1. Flamenco fashion in Barcelona

Flamenco fashion blends vibrant colors and flounces that will make you feel even more flamenco passion in every movement.

  1. Barcelona’s best tablao

Palau Dalmases is a place to visit while in Barcelona. Our tablao flamenco fits in a baroque palace with more than 7 centuries of history. Prepare yourself to experience the best show in the best location.

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  1. Many daily flamenco shows in Barcelona

At Palau Dalmases you can enjoy the show in the variety of daily passes that are offered every day, at 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm. You can enjoy other activities in Barcelona during the day and then come to enjoy a flamenco show along with a drink of your choice.

  1. Flamenco will make you feel better

Listening to a flamenco show will make you feel better with yourself in a healthy way. To listen and follow the music and dance helps to develop your hearing and improve your body’s coordination. And maybe we inspire you to start dancing flamenco for yourself!