Our artists: flamenco guitarist Rafael Fernández

Rafael Fernández - Flamenco guitar player 01 - Palau Dalmases

One of the best current flamenco guitar players

Born in Barcelona on May 12th 1978, Rafael Fernández starts playing guitar at the young age of 10 with Juan Antonio España, initiating his journey to traditional flamenco, guitar and singing, at P.C.R. Los Aficionados in Cornellá de Llobregat.

His training as a guitarist continues with Julián Navarro ‘El Califa’, David Cerreduela, Israel Cerreduela, Rafael Riqueni, Manuel Catilla y Juan Ramón Caro, among others.

At the age of 17 he starts working at the following tablaos flamencos: ‘El Tablao de Carmen Amaya’, ‘El Cordobés’, ‘Flamenco Ramblas’, ‘Las cuevas de Luis Candela’, ‘Los Tarantos’, ‘Las Arenas’ or Palau Dalmases, where you can currently enjoy his art.

Rafael Fernández, musical director

As a composer, Rafael Fernández began as a musical director for Thisa Harbas’ Brazilian company along with Pol Vaquero, touring the most important Brazilian cities with the show called ‘Conecsao Flamenco’. He has also done some composition work for Antonio Canales’ ‘Cuatro Estaciones’ and for Monica Fernández and la Fundación Casa Partas’ company with which he toured Algeria on the 2009 Argel Tour.

Winner of the best flamenco project on 2016

Rafael is algo a member and co-founder of Babel Flamenco, a group of which he is a composer and performer. He released his debut album with them, called ‘Babel, camino a Itaca’, which won the SGAE prize for the best flamenco project in 2016 along with the best artists in the flamenco world like Dorantes, El Pele, Josemi Carmona, Esperanza Fernández or Javier Colina.

He has also been part of the flamenco show for international programmers, ‘Flamenco Ñ’ at Malaga’s Museo Picasso.

Come see the best flamenco show in Barcelona

Check for yourself the art in Rafael Fernández’s hands. Come see him and his fellow colleagues perform the best flamenco show at Palau Dalmases, every day of the week, at 18, 19:30 and 21:30.