The very best flamenco dance videos in Barcelona

Flamenco shows in Barcelona I Palau Dalmases

TOP 3 Flamenco dancing videos according to Palau Dalmases fans

Throughout the year, in Palau Dalmases we have shared a long list of videos of flamenco shows in Barcelona on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). We publish photos and videos of the different flamenco shows in Palau Dalmases along with material sent to us by our fans. If you still don’t know the Palau Dalmases flamenco tablao and its artists, you can buy your ticket through our website and see it live.

If, on the other hand, you already know us, but you haven’t had time to watch all our flamenco videos in Barcelona on Youtube, don’t worry! Here we share the 3 most successful videos of our flamenco show among our followers.

1. Candy Navarrete dancing at the Palau Dalmases flamenco show

Candy Navarrete’s video has undoubtedly been the most acclaimed by our Facebook fans. One of the veteran flamenco dancers with more charisma rises in first position and is not surprising. Candy showcases talent over all the tablaos where she dances and Palau Dalmases is no exception. Seeing her live is an incredible experience and to have her among our cast is an honour!

2. Flamenco dancer José Manuel Álvarez in Palau Dalmases

Jose Manuel Álvarez, besides being an excellent dancer with experience in tablaos all over Spain and overseas, is also a teacher. He gives flamenco classes in Barcelona and masterclasses all over the world. He is also a regular on major stages in Barcelona, such as the Palau de la Música Catalana.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see him dance live!

3. Lucas Balbo and his flamenco box drum: on of the favourites amongst our fans

Lucas Balbo is a flamenco percussionist born in Buenos Aires. He is a regular artist in tablaos and concert halls in Barcelona and has won second place in the competition of the Festival de Cajón Flamenco de Barcelona. Since he is part of the Palau Dalmases flamenco show, he transmits his sympathy, strength, rhythm and energy to all his colleagues and also to the audience. If you haven’t seen him in action yet, we invite you to come and see him at a flamenco performance in our palace.

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Don’t miss any of our flamenco dance shows in Barcelona!

You can find all our videos published in the Youtube channel of Palau Dalmases. We recommend that you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to not miss anything and, obviously, if you want to enjoy the show live, get your ticket today!