Palau Dalmases wins 2018 Experts’ Choice Award

Flamenco en Barcelona I Palau Dalmases

TripExpert recognises Palau Dalmases as the best flamenco show in Barcelona

In Palau Dalmases we are celebrating  for the second consecutive year. The good reviews on TripAdvisor, of which we have its certificate of excellence, Facebook and Google, encourage us to continue working to offer a top quality, authentic and natural flamenco show that treats its attendees as companions of an adventure through music, singing and dancing.

The efforts have paid off, as Palau Dalmases has been awarded the 2018 Experts Choice Awards by TripExpert.

Fantastic reviews of Palau Dalmases in the best travel pages of the world

The award is based on more than one million reviews by expert travelers, travel guides, magazines and newspapers, and is only awarded to the best tourist attractions that stand out for their quality and recognition among visitors.

TripExpert differentiates itself from other portals by bringing together travel media reviews. In this way, travellers can get a more complete idea of what we offer every day in our palace.

For the second year, most of the reviews value the talent of our artists, the closeness of the space and the incredible palace (a baroque palace) as well as the fact that visitors are treated in a close and pleasant way.

From Palau Dalmases we can only thank you for the positive feedback received throughout the year, both from the media and from travellers, and we encourage all visitors to leave their review on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google. Help us win the prize in 2019!

Come to Palau Dalmases and discover the magic of flamenco in Barcelona

At Palau Dalmases we offer you the true art of flamenco in Barcelona. Our cast of artists (singers, dancers and musicians) give their best on stage every day. Daily shows all week at 7:30 and 9 pm (MON – THUR)  and at 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm and 9 pm (FRI – SUN). Choose the time that best suits you and come and share with us an unforgettable flamenco show!