Flamenco place in Barcelona - Palau Dalmases 00

Warm up with our daily flamenco shows in Barcelona!


The Three Wise Men have already passed through Barcelona and we hope they have left you nice gifts. Although if this was not the case, our suggestion is to treat yourself with an our of our flamenco show in a 16th Century baroque palace as you have never seen before: our flamenco shows in Palau Dalmases!

Our Palau Dalmases is located in the middle of the Born neighborhood, Montcada Street which was in early times a cultural, arts and business neuralgic spot. Important people have visited the place and what you are about to discover is a hidden treasure in the busy city of Barcelona. Once you cross its doors, you will feel invited to look at and discover every side of the little palace.

You will not only find a piece of architecture, or pieces of antique art and furniture to be amazed by, but also great flamenco, Opera and Jazz shows in order to warm up in these winter days the city is going through. From Mondays to Sundays at 7:30 pm and from Fridays to Sundays at 9:30 pm you can enjoy the art from musicians, players and dancers in a very special stage. Our palace will gracefully welcome and you will then sit very close to the flamenco artists. This is a very special advantage for you to appreciate every detail of each part of the show. A drink is included with your ticket so do not hesitate to grab your favorite cocktail to enjoy your evening even more.

Apart from our flamenco shows, every Thursday at 9:30pm, the Opera Company, La Petita Companya Lírica de Barcelona, offers its Opera shows. And Wednesday nights, also 9:30pm, Jazz music will be waiting for you to enjoy it for free. This is a great way to pump your mood for the rest of the week.


So now that you are informed of all our shows and their timing, we invite you to visit our page Palau Dalmases  to buy your tickets for the show of your choice… or for all of them!